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WHAT. ARE. THOSE?!? I’ll tell you what they are, they are apparently socks with Rhianna on them from her ‘Work’ music video

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times: Drake is softer than Charmin ultra soft. Drake is softer than a puppy you’ve washed with conditioner. Drake is softer than a baby’s ass that has been soaked in Dove moisturizer for a year. That soft. Drake is like that guy who can’t get over a girl not liking him so he goes to the bar and sits in the corner with his head propped against one hand looks perpetually down and loudly sighs until someone asks him whats wrong. Only in this case the bar has 37.7 Million people in it. Most people would call that person a pathetic loser. But it’s Drake so that’s just too damn heartbreaking for fans.

And you know the only reason he put that photo up was to draw attention to it. The caption “Trebajo” is Spanish for Work, clearly an homage to the song. Yea, Drake, looks like really hard work you’re doing sipping your wine cooler with a fuck ton of ice in it, bro. Chanel something on the table to remind people that you got bank. Fuck off. You know what’s really hard, Drake? Being a normal person and not having a girl you like pay attention to you. No model would slide in to my DMs trying to console me if I posted this shit. Act like a normal dude and just tear your hair out wondering if someone will bother to text you back and rack your brain for every single worst possible scenario as to why they aren’t. Read meticulously and overreact to any minute phrasing when they do hit you up. Regret your phrasing 100 million times. And then just shove your face full of booze till you pass out when you see them online doing anything other than bothering to spend one second on you. Drake wears Rihanna on his his feet and it’s cute, man wants to wear a woman’s skin and it’s creepy and probably a crime. Ridiculous double standard. People on Twitter want to act like he’s just supporting her, if they were shoes, shoes give you support, socks are only good for sneaking up on your friend and shocking them in the middle of winter and giggling “tee-hee”. Socks are soft. Just like Drake.

Drake is softer than the lint on his own pants.

And let’s all stop acting like just because people are famous or good looking the shit they do isn’t weird. Drake is a fucking creep

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