Union is one of the older new breweries in Maryland. Known for beers like Duckpin and Double Duckpin this seasonal Old Pro is a Gose, a tart wheat beer with salt and coriander, and a style taking the summer by storm. The issue with traditional Gose is the time it takes for production and therefor the cost for the brewer and consumer, but with advances in the consistency in kettle souring you’re seeing this style pop up everywhere now. The main issue with kettle sours is that often times without the extended fermentation they lack the complexities to let a low abv beer shine. Often breweries will then augment the beer with additional flavoring to try to cover up those deficiencies but that is not the case here. Old Pro balances the line of sour and tart like a trapeze artist. Bursting with citrus fruit such as lemon and grapefruit the savory aspect from the salt gives a nice kiss to balance out the pithiness. The coriander lingers with the lactic acid on the finish adding a touch of herbal lime pulp.

You will like this beer if: You like raw Goses. There is nothing added to this Gose though it in no way lacks in flavor. If you’re looking for a sipper or a crusher this can fit both needs nicely.

You will not like this beer if: If you don’t like sours. Interestingly enough I can also see the group of sour drinkers who like the highly potent lactic sourness also finding this to be not enough for them. I’d say its around a 6/10 on the aggressiveness scale in it’s sourness

Where to buy it? If you live in Howard County from me, at Allview Liquors!




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