Always the ‘Go To’ for fans of putting pumpkin pie in a blender and sneaking in some vodka, Southern Tier’s Pumking is a classic in historical Americana of beer. How they pack so much ‘pumpkin’ into the glass baffles me still, but I have felt the quality of the beer as the quantity has gone up has started to diminish slightly. No issues this year in my opinion as it seems Legends Distributing was finally able to bring in new stock after pushing 2015 as 2016 most of last year. Full of sweet pumpkin the three ‘C’s of spices Clove, Cinnamon, and Cardamom shine as a subtle warming reminds you that this is in fact alcoholic and not just dessert.

You will like this beer if: You like pumpkin beer. If you liked any vintage of Pumking, this batch wont disappoint. I found it fuller than last year but not as cloyingly sweet.

You will not like this beer if: If you haven’t ever liked Pumking. One of the most reminiscent of pureed pumpkin pie beers out there, Southern Tier’s is as advertised.

Where to buy it? From me if you live in Howard County MD, at Allview Liquors!


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