So this happened in Patriot’s practice yesterday:

Naturally Patriot’s fans aren’t figuratively, but literally creaming their pants all over twitter and Facebook about it. And I get it. Hell of a catch. Cooks was an absolute STEAL for a team that had to suffer success with only receivers who were only deceptively fast instead of actually fast. It’s the true American tragedy of our generation: for a team to have no players who were off the field distractions is a real let down for the American populace. Even Micheal Floyd last year just shut up, collected his just over a million dollar bonus, and a Super Bowl ring. If that’s not a ringing endorsement for getting piss drunk, hopping into your car, and falling asleep at an intersection then I don’t know what is. You’d have to think he tries to do it sooner this year. But as even the replacement refs will tell you, going to the tapes is all about angles, so let’s see another:

Wow. That changes everything. Cooks uncovered off the line, the safety decided to spy Brady’s scramble (a QB known for his deceptive mobility in and out of the pocket) instead of covering the player who’s paid to catch the ball and Brady absolutely botches a throw to a wide open receiver who saved his ass with a very nice, but far from highlight reel catch. Want to see a highlight reel catch? Okay:

I mean wasn’t that the last time the Patriots had an actually fast receiver in Randy Moss? Now if I have a flaw, it would have to be that I am TOO objective and I saw Brady’s decline start even back then. Even then he didn’t throw those touchdowns to Randy, Moss caught those touchdowns from Tommy Boy. When I texted my friend, a die hard Pats fanatic, about the bad, god awful throw that lead to Cook’s marvelous catch and asked if this really could be the end for 40 year old Brady he said, “Yeah he was terrible last season,” and there was no context or connotation that I saw that lead me to take it as anything other than a persistent belief of his. I don’t know if I would go that far, but I guess we can blame his band wagon fandom on the generation, and not really him. It’s the Instant Gratification Generation. It’s all, “what have you done for me lately?” Your past isn’t taken into consideration and to kids these days only your last throw matters. And to be fair that throw had all of the zip and accuracy of a ball thrown by a wet noodle rather than the arm of the GOAT. Now I’m still not convinced that they didn’t just replace the drafted Tom Brady with a robot version around 5 years into his career, so it could just be a soft or firm-ware issues but these Patriots have to be careful. If Tom Brady is really done this time they don’t have Matt Cassel to step in and take them 11-5 even though Matt Cassel is considered a bum and Brady is considered the GOAT and obviously the team and system have nothing to do with any of that.

The Naysh




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