Right off the bat I am going to apologize. I apologize for writing this. I apologize for bringing this to your attention. But as a trusted and sought after source for news for almost 3 months now, even the dark, disgusting, and smutty tales need to be told. I have an obligation to you people. I’m not happy about it, and I will warn you; the tale isn’t a pretty one. Depraved, disgusting tales like this one don’t surface every day and they aren’t easy for everyone to handle, so I won’t blame you for exiting your browser now.

Don’t say you weren’t warned.

A junior softball team from Atlee Virginia was competing in a Little League tournament in Washington against the host team. They beat the team from Kirkland 1-0. Standard affair, but before the championship game all was not business as usual. Word was handed down to Atlee:

It had been discovered that a couple of the Atlee players had gotten together after the win and posted a photo on snapchat. A photo so inappropriate, so obscene, that once discovered, there was no other discourse but to disqualify the whole team. It undermines everything Little League Softball stands for. I once again feel compelled to warn you, it’s not for the faint of heart:


Disgusting. Horrid. It pisses on teamwork. It queefs on sportsmanship. Where is the rest of the team? Why is the one girl in the middle just standing there holding a water bottle and an iPhone? Flip off the losers with your teammates! You’re a bad team player! Damn right the whole team should be suspended, most of the team lacked the simple etiquette to give an ethereal F You to the home team on a social media platform only meant to be seen by people that are supposed to care what the poster posts that’s why they follow them in the first place. Sad these girls in the minority had to be punished for the cowardice and bad team camaraderie from the rest of the girls. Shameful. Well I think the most disheartening realization to come from this is that Twitter is officially dead. @Vin99272529 is a handle a mere 2 days old with 40 tweets, 9 of them this photo trying to get everyone’s attention from The CEO of Little League, to Olympic athlete Michelle Smith, and even ESPN 2 (not the main account, let’s go with ESPN 2). You’re not fooling anyone with your blank avatar and 8 digit string of numbers after your name that is probably the dial out code for the Toys R’ Us you tell your friends that you ‘manage’ and then the last 7 of your mom’s phone number that you still call and bitch to every day. This is so clearly a parent from the losing team that it’s insane. And so now old people have done to Twitter what they did to Facebook: killed it. The rest of the tweets are just this parent bitching about Little League while using the wrong *your * you’re / *there *their *they’re (shockingly 100% of the time, even a broken clock is right twice a day) and responding to all the trolling the account is getting, that part is actually pretty funny. At the end of the day all you parents are to blame anyways. What fucking 12 year old girl needs a phone that can use snapchat anyways? They’re just kids, while you’re fucking stupid.

The Naysh


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