Over the strenuous objections of the governor, Maine has become the fourth U.S. state to raise the legal smoking age to 21. The state’s House and Senate voted Wednesday to override a veto from Gov. Paul LePage.

Opponents of the bill had raised concerns that raising the age from 18 would create a black market for cigarettes, that could lead to drug abuse.

“We will see cigarettes becoming a product of the black market, sold by black market drug dealers who are selling more than just cigarettes and attracting new clients to their harder products,” said Republican state Sen. Eric Brakey.

I’m not a smoker nor do I live in Maine, so I personally could not possibly care less about this in theory, but there are things here I feel like addressing. First of all, the whole black market logic is a favorite of proponents of every argument and it’s ridiculous. If you tell 18 year old’s that they can’t buy cigs legally, will some find a way to still buy them? Fuck yea they will. But you know what drives markets? Profits. We once sold a couple girls 3 partially consumed bottles of alcohol for $100 because they were staying down in OC for senior week longer than us. So now that already $10 pack of jacks is now $20 and I’ll be honest, not many 18 year old kids are going to spend that, at least not near as often. I mean sure the kid who thinks he’s hard and that life has no meaning but still secretly idolizes Judd Nelson from The Breakfast Club is still gonna cop them because he thinks they’re cool, but maybe now he gets a job to support his habit. Either that of he starts sucking dick for cigs in an alley which looks like the route Judd Nelson took, seriously, have you seen him now?

Image result for Judd Nelson

Woof. I also don’t buy that high school kids on the daily will hit up their local cig dealer and weigh out that heroine is now the same price and cigarettes and sub that out. Not quite equivalent exchange there. Yea I got some cigs for you but have you ever heard of opiates? oooooh

But the part I actually absolutely love is that the smoking age is the same as the drinking age. This is a big fuck you to all of the people that always say, “I only smoke when I drink.” If that is truly the case then you can have no objections to a law where they are the same rule. Because for you they are supposed to be the same. But we all know you just use that as an excuse because you actually just like to smoke. And that’s what this all really comes down to, if you’re against something being illegal, you just want to do it yourself. You’re not fooling anyone with weed cures cancer, you just want to smoke it, which is totally cool, but just own up to it. Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

The Naysh


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