Stone faced. Jesus Christ, kid, you’re acting like somebody died. I mean I know Mark Hamill is not exactly young, but he’s not Harrison Ford old, he didn’t break a hip filming the last Star Wars movie, you don’t have to go easy on him. The teen angst is strong with this one. I mean I get it, from my understanding Make-A-Wish only takes kids that are like 100% gonna bite the bullet but being a teenager is a force even more powerful than death. And I can see running through this kid’s mind is one of my last moments on earth could be my mom getting a photo op of me fake dueling Mark Hamill. It’s like his mom caught her kid watching Return of the Jedi just for Leia’s metal bikini and was like, Oh shit, my mid puberty son loves Star Wars, I’ll tell that to Make-A-Wish. 16 year old me would be mortified too.

Side note, that kid’s hair is perfect 2017. I’m not personally into the aggressive side part swoop over look, but I know it’s in, and that’s a well done example. I wonder if Make-A-Wish has a stylist go in for these ops, I mean that would actually make sense, but my hair routine is literally just getting a haircut once every other month as short as possible (without accentuating the balding parts) so that I can just let it grow for 2 months without paying for another haircut. But I feel like of all Make-A-Wish wishes chilling with Mark Hamill would be fun, I mean he’s always laughing:


Side note on the other side, did you know Make-A-Wish wont grant anyone’s wish over the age of 18? Like if I get terminally ill right now they’ll tell me to go fuck myself. Or if you get cancer at 19, too bad. Wild. Also, I didn’t really like the morbid joke in the tweet that Mark Hamill won the duel because he’s going to live longer than the kid. Poor form Make-A-Wish, poor form. Did you think I’d let you get away with that?

The Naysh


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