DAYTONA BEACH — A Daytona Beach man is banned from Volusia County beaches for six months after the mother of a teenager told officers he was giving out a business card that read, “Sugardaddy seeking his sugarbaby.”

Richard Basaraba, 73, was not charged with a crime and told police he had been passing out business cards Saturday to young females on the beach who all were older than 18. Officials are making Basaraba stay off beaches and walkovers because he gave out business cards, a violation of a Volusia County ordinance that prohibits soliciting on the beach.

In an interview at his beachside condo Wednesday, Basaraba said he had no nefarious intentions toward the girls and was “devastated” by what he considers an overreaction from law enforcement.

Everyone knows Florida, it sounds nice, always sunny beaches, scantily clad women everywhere, no property tax, the thing is none of that is really true. Florida is a shit hole. The absolute worst and grossest people live there. If you hear a disgusting story, especially involving an old person, it happened in Florida. That brings us to 73 year old man, Richard Basaraba. Now if you get squeamish while reading cringe worthy stories, just read a different article, this one is not for you. Richard was trolling the beach wearing this shirt:

and handing out this high quality business card:

Now normally I’m on the side of you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take and good on him, and if that was it then do you, Rich. But it’s not. Now I don’t know if that’s Richard in the picture, if it is even worse, but that photo… look at that poor girl’s face, she does NOT want to be there:

florida face.png

To chose that photo is bad marketing, Old Dick (Dick is short for Richard, and I’m using it as a pun here). Combining those faces with the line, “Ask me about your allowance” is one of the creepiest things I’ve ever seen. And while we’re on the card, it’s one of the shoddiest jobs I’ve ever seen. If he PAID someone, get your money back, Dick. If he asked someone to do it he should have just done it himself. And if he did it himself, he should have known he wasn’t good at it and gone and found someone. I made a much better one in five minutes:

Old Biz Card.jpg

And this is still all surface stuff mind you. I mean I can with all confidence say this is not even CLOSE to the first time this guy has done this but this all ‘went down’ because of a 16 year old girl who reported the encounter. I will use quotes because they are actual quotes from Richard. “I engaged (the younger girl) before I knew she was 16 because of her bust size. I did make the mistake of saying, ‘You’re the cutest one here. Call me when you’re 18,’” The teenager told officers that after Old Dick learned the girls’ ages, he held up a padded bra and said he was looking for someone to fill it. Richard found the padded bra on a recent beach walk, which he keeps in a basket on a living room shelf. “It gave me an excuse to talk to women,” Basaraba said. “I would go up to a group of women of all ages — 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s — (and say), ‘Honey, I’m looking for my Cinderella. I did not find a glass slipper on the beach but I did find this.’” Rich said he would hold up the bra to “busty” women and say, “Obviously this isn’t you,” and then turn to a ‘smaller’ woman and say, “This might fit you,” Again, I want to reiterate, these are actual quotes. He then asked her:

That part isn’t true, but it doesn’t sound far off. He claimed he ordered the T-Shirt as a conversation starter: “I’ve had women stop me and say, ‘I want to take a picture with you in this shirt.’ They want to put them on Facebook,” said Basaraba. He would apparently also post them on his Facebook page; “Anything I’ve ever posted only gets three or four likes. I posted this (photo of me posing with a woman in a bikini) and got 78 likes,” Old Dick said. Rich is trying to play dumb like it was all a joke, saying he didn’t know how he would respond if someone actually emailed him. “I read in the paper about men who have sex with underage women and their life is gone,” he said. “I can show you my bank account. I don’t have any assets. I don’t have money, just enough to live. I don’t have money for a sugar baby.” We’re on to you, Dick, you can’t be that dumb, you’re not Jared Kushner. He also wanted to point out, “One very important point — the card was given to another woman who was 18,” who was with the 16 year old, who he then asked to call him and fill up his bra he randomly found on the beach. This. Is. Florida. And in typical Florida fashion they got him under suspicion of soliciting, which carries just a 6 month ban from the beach. Beach Safety spokeswoman Capt. Tammy Marris said Old Dick wasn’t arrested because police did not witness him passing out business cards. She also mentioned that trespassing still “happens quite often. I would say a couple times a week, probably.” Florida being Florida.

The Naysh


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