Well, let’s get right to it, this is the new Macklemore music video that pushed me over the cliff:


God. Where do I start. I guess just with an apology. Black people, I’m sorry. We white people have officially gone too far, no one can deny it anymore, cultural appropriation is a thing and Macklemore ruined it for all of us. I’ve never been anti Macklemore. I’ve actually been to a Macklemore show (at UMBC welcome week [which should have been a hint way back then but I’m a tad tardy to the party] and I had fun). I started to get on the train back when he texted and apologized to Kendrick for winning an award instead of him, and it’s one of the only times in my life I’ve been 100% on team Drake. This is just too far. I’m not a fan typically of whats ‘hip’ in music right now. Not a Yachty guy. Nothing personal, I just don’t like the lines that don’t even kind of rhyme, or the 4 lines that all ‘rhyme’ the same word and nothing else, or the beats that key on the 3 note piano riffs, it just ain’t me, and god damn it does Macklemore do all three of those here. Has he ever done this before? I won’t say no, but not that I’ve heard, and, back in my day, that’s straight biting, yo. Not cool. Even from an artist I’m not a fan of. Macklemore even attacks Tom Brady in the video, twice, now that Tim Tebow is a MLB guy, the whitest guy in football. Hits ’em with the deflate gate and jersey stealing incidents in the video. I guess he is a big Seattle guy so a Seahawks/ Patriots thing? I guess that makes more sense with the Marshawn Lynch appearance, who BTW is a national treasure

and by far the only good part of this video, but still… I don’t even get the song. I mean from what I’ve seen people are just saying it’s a fun song and Macklemore has done some fun songs I’m down with. Dance Off and And We Danced, even with it’s weird premature ejaculation and aggressive penis references, I can jive with. But I should have known back then, white people can’t dance, but I guess I gave him a pass because they love to try 🤷. But Marmalade? Marmalade is fruit preserves? and his car looks like its painted with marmalade? It’s chunky?

MArmalade Car.jpg

It’s literally only mentioned one time in the song. Sounds sticky. I don’t want to hate on Macklemore, he’s done some great shit. Neon Cathedral is dope and the original Otherside was great, before he swapped the beat just so he could put that on an album and make some skrilla on it. But I guess that’s the point, that’s him. Those songs are Macklemore, that’s his life. Not some ridiculous anthem trying to capture the hearts of gay people when you’re not gay. Not that you can’t be pro gay rights if you’re not gay, it’s 2017 if you’re not pro freedom in general then I don’t know what to tell you at this point, (I can tell you not to assault a dude’s bunghole, but you can’t tell me not to have a fully automatic assault rifle, makes sense…) but it feels like pandering and frankly fake as fuck when Macklemore steals other peoples problems and raps. And I guess I just really learned what cultural appropriation is. Macklemore. Nobody faults you for wanting to change peoples lives, just stick to stuff you know. You know, white people stuff. Doing drugs, not being able to dance, and thrift shops.

Ps. I like the guy whose job was ‘Car Wrangler’. Like it’s a hard gig to rent expensive cars with the studio’s money and drive them to whatever mansion they rented. Honestly, he probably didn’t even drive them, that would be the cool part.

Mackle Car Wrang.jpg

The Naysh


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