Now people on Twitter are having fun at this kid’s expense by saying that the individuals in the photograph are Native American and not Hispanic. I decline to comment because I don’t judge people based on appearance, for instance; the girl in the middle could be blinking, or oriental, or could have had some sort of tragic eye accident, I don’t know, so I wont assume. Why you ask? Because if in fact these folks are Native American and not Hispanic than this is quite ironic and this fellow looks very, very stupid. Now since I don’t see color, and all people look alike to me (regardless of race, gender, etc) I can only assume people are saying they are Native American because of the fellow’s Chicago Blackhawks shirt and Lucian is assuming they were Hispanic because the dude has one of those mustaches that’s only on the corners of his mouth.

hispanic indian.jpg

I mean look how similar they look. Honest mistake really when you think about it. More alike than different to be fair. If only they were asleep taking a siesta or doing janitorial work, then I would feel better making that call. Or smoking a peace pipe respectively. If only we knew the guy’s name… either José or Chief Raging Finger would be a dead give away. Right now I’m going to stick with too close to call. Irregardless, I don’t know why anyone would take a photo flipping off Mount Rushmore to begin with. I personally think it’s pretty amazing that erosion happened just perfectly to make a mountain facade look like 4 famous historical figures. Nature is really cool. But if they hate nature so be it. I just don’t know if I hate anything enough to drive out to the middle of nowhere just to flip it off. And that picture, it’s one of those novelty photos, funny at the time but are you really going to put it on your mantle? Na, it’ll pop up on your time hop 4 years from now and you’ll be like that was funny, but you won’t even bother to text the other people in the photo about it.

And guys, don’t be so mean to little Lucian. His parents named him Lucian, he was always going to be a little white well off asshole who went to a liberal arts college and is still in the closet. Tale as old as time. I’m willing to bet his Instagram is half him doing the 1990’s peace sign and half wearing “cool” glasses while trying to look like he actually really smokes cigs, guys, promise.

Oh my god. I was kidding but it actually is


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