Via AP

GARDINER, Maine (AP) — A medical marijuana businessman in Maine is offering weed for weeds in a program to encourage Gardiner residents to clean up their city.

WCSH-TV reports ( ) that Dennis Meehan, owner of Summit Medical Marijuana, offered residents who collected trash Saturday free marijuana. The businessman says anyone who was over 21 was offered free marijuana if they presented a bag of trash that was collected in town.

No one ever pays me in weed…

I can see it now, a bunch of hippies trolling the street, high out of their minds trying to find trash just to score some of the devil’s lettuce. Picture it. In fact I not convinced this isn’t just an elaborate setup to get some cheap B-Roll footage for The Walking Dead:

Honestly, I’d like to see the number of kids still living with their parents that just grabbed the kitchen trash bag from the house and blunt rode up to the dispensary for a free toke. Mehan says the program is about bringing awareness to the “life-changing” nature of cannabis as well. Soon all the trash cans in Mom’s house will be emptied and the skreets crystal clean, then there will be no need for free weed hand outs, and then either Maine will become a utopia or transition into a pack a hippie zombies who instead of brains, need that last doobie.

The only issue I see is potheads don’t really like to do anything, man, so it just doesn’t seem too effective. The only people you’ll get with this are the moocher potheads, everyone else with even a menial income will puff, puff, pass.

The Naysh


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