Lena Dunham fresh off of returning her rescue dog she bragged so much about back to a shelter is having herself a summer and is back in the news. Fans of Girls rejoice! Lena will be back on TV! And this time not even on premium cable!

Previous iterations of AHS have been terrifying things such as Murder House, Asylum, and Freak Show. Now the scariest one yet American Horror Story: Lena Dunham on a toilet:

lena d.jpg

Feminist hero, yas gurl, qween! I assume the next season will just be the culmination of camera’s following Dunham since birth. Everything from ‘Sexually Exploring‘ her younger sister to returning her dog she bragged about adopting. Oh actually this just in:

American Horror Story: Cult. So I guess they just follow her around and find her ‘fans’ that think shes ‘talented’ and document how fucked up their lives are. Oh no, nevermind, turns out she just has an ancillary role in the series. She’ll be playing milk jug #1:

len dun mlk.jpg

Seamless! The role she was born to play!


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