Via Fox News

A small, empty cloth bag is expected this week to rocket past space capsules and a wristwatch worn on the moon to become the most valuable space artifact to ever sell at auction.

Sotheby’s on Thursday (July 20) will offer the moon dust-stained “lunar sample return” bag as part of its first auction dedicated to the relics of the United States space program.

Sotheby’s expects the 12 by 8.5 inch (30 by 22 centimeter) bag to sell for upwards of $4 million.

Can’t sell moon dust if we’ve never landed on the moon. #Lawyered. Nice try egg heads. Another government conspiracy reported by the lame stream media. So what’s really in that bag, Sotheby’s?

I’ll tell you what it is. What they don’t want you to know. Drugs. Tell me ‘Moon Dust’ isn’t some code name slang for some newfangled blend of cocaine and LSD that all the kids be trippin’ on. And you know it must be potent stuff too. How else do you explain thinking fidget spinners are cool?

This is just a new way to pimp drugs out in public. $4 Million for a bag that ‘previously’ held moon dust… I’m on to you. What were the other lots, Sotheby’s? Rolled Bigfoot hair? Loch Ness Monster Wax? Obama’s American Birth Certificate Rolling Papers?

Ps. Your ‘Moon Dust’ Bag only sold for 1.5 Million. Guess you shouldn’t have cut it so much with flour.

The Naysh


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