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Single handedly took every meme, vine trend, and internet sensation that kids love today and made them look stupid. Not like they needed his help. It’s really a piece of art. I really can’t blame kids for really not understanding that bottle flipping isn’t impressive because it’s just basic physics seeing as I don’t think many of them have even taken a physics course. Like you have to understand with a center of mass so low and dense it’s harder to make the bottle land and then fall over rather than just landing but I digress. In the end, we all know the best way to make something uncool for kids is by having adults doing it, and this teacher just basically massacred everything kids hold dear. You just watched a slaughter. But the kids brought it on themselves:

“The grade 6 teachers really tried to meet the kids halfway on this one this year. We worked bottle flipping into our motion geometry unit in math, we used bottle flipping to develop testable questions and identify variables in science, but by November the kids still couldn’t resist the urge to flip the water bottles on their desks at the most inopportune times. Recess? Fair game”.

He warned them. He gave them a nice hey, back down, by teaching it in Geometry. He said, listen I’m serious, I’ll do it, by using it to teach the scientific method. But kids are stupid so he murdered it in a viral video. Well played sir, completely justifiable homicide. The only thing that would make this better is if the school was in Florida. Stand your ground, teach, stand your ground. I can’t wait to see what other stupid and inane things the kids come up with after their ‘culture’ was so completely appropriated. Every generation had their thing they look back on and say, that was fucking stupid, and they’re only getting dumber because the world is just running out of stupid things to top stupid things. God bless 2017

The Naysh


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