Here we go again, New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie, again his parents were so creative… was just minding his rotation around the sun, like we all were when what are the odds? a foul ball comes his way. Obviously, your odds of catching a foul ball depend on where you sit and it depends on the stadium yada yada yada, but point it it’s generally accepted that your odds are pretty slim. And for a good amount of people it is a dream of theirs. So what are the chances Christian Chrischeski Christie gets one? Wild. I mean I personally think it’s cheating when you have your own gravitational force around you, but I have my bias.

Now it’s not entirely clear whether he catches it or it just kind of sinks into him like the wet sand at a New Jersey private beach. Now at the end of the clip it does look like Christ is looking for a kid to give the ball to. That’s nice, after he/she cleans all the slime off of it, they’ll have a nice souvenir.


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