It’s your 1999 with the electro pop 2017 flair.

You know how every one hit wonder just tries to escape it? I can’t really blame them. You go in to the music business to express yourself, make art, relate to people and then you fall on hard times because until you ‘make it’ you can’t make a living off of doing that, so you make a quick club song, it takes off, you’re loving life but you can’t escape it. Some people don’t try, J Beibs has been written tracks for him to perform and for other people to make money off of for years. Katy Perry seems to have finally hit the limit of her hit limited hit machine and then you feel just as hollow. Or just start pissing in a mop bucket saying fuck Bill Clinton and dropping N bombs.

But I guess it’s time Sisqo just embraced it and finally released an official remake? remix? whatever. But the official video is sitting at around 300 views right now… somebody isn’t doing their promotional work. So much for getting the summer jam in 1999 and 2017 with the same song, that would be cool. I like the butts though!


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