Via Mirror


Who the hell is that reckless?

iPhones aren’t cheap you’re going to just throw it off a balcony? You’re insane!

Your wife or girlfriend on the phone too damn much? Want to throw her off the balcony? Well, I wouldn’t suggest that, pretty horrible thing to do, but this man apparently disagrees.

This man found out. And boy did he not like what he saw. What do you think it could be? Data overage? Texting an Ex? “I TOLD YOU THAT BITCH KAREN NEEDS TO KEEP HER MOUTH SHUT ABOUT ME!” Or any one of the myriad of other options.

Now before you feel as horrible as that man actually is in real life the women fell only three feet and into a vegetable patch suffering no serious injures. Plus the story has a happy ending, she forgives him and refuses to press charges. There you have it tale as old as time, pent up aggressive man, mad at the world, takes his anger out on the people who can’t defend themselves, and the subject in fear of retaliation pretends it never happens. The End

But seriously, you just witnessed attempted murder. If your spouse pushes you over a balcony into a vegetable patch, they don’t carrot all about you.


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