I haven’t seen Dr. Who in a while, but I’m no stranger to the series. For those of you that don’t know what it is, it’s a long running science fiction show that gives the main character, the Doctor, regenerative/rebirth properties allowing the show to continue beyond current characters and story lines. A clever mechanic allowing for an adaptive show. Before yesterday there had been 12 people who have played The Doctor, and they do seem to have a lot in common:


That board would make for a rough game of Guess Who. That being said at least since the twitter age I can remember people griping about why the next Doctor was ‘wrong’ and when I found out they were announcing the new one yesterday, there was no doubt that there would be people unhappy regardless of the choice. Enter the choice:

and cue some negative reactions:

who kh

Now I don’t know who Jodie Whitaker is, but you can chalk that up with quick Google search showing I just don’t watch British TV. But again, I’ve seen a couple Doctor changes and the reactions are literally the same every time:

Every. Single. Time, Twitter. Give it a year people and you’ll have all the folks who are rebelling now writing sexual fan fiction and weird drawings on DeviantArt accentuating her breasts. Now honestly the show had gotten old for me, which is why I stopped watching. A female casting doesn’t inject the feeling that I HAVE to check it out again, but I’m sure I’ll be in the mood someday and peep the deets. It will probably be a good thing. Nerds, your show will be fine. Besides, you don’t have to parallel park a TARDIS.

The Naysh




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