What if ghosts were real
If ghosts were real, that would mean someone would always be watching.
Would that change how you lived your life? Would you be ashamed of anything you’ve done today? Would that answer change based on whether you knew the ghost or not? Would you take that last piece of pie? Would you not say that thing about that person? Would you even have the thoughts? Would there be any plots or subversion throughout society? If someone was always watching.

Would you try harder on that thing you didn’t really want to do but you’re doing it to make someone else happy? If the answer to any of those is yes, then aren’t I being inherently disingenuous to who’s in the mirror looking back at me?

How would you feel? If ghosts were real
If ghosts were real, who would you check up on?
And who would check up on you?
And why? Would they be happy for you? Or would they smile at your failures like a spiteful spirit adhering to their vile demeanors? Whether leers or cheers, would either motivate you? Does that already apply?
If ghosts were real, could you ever truly feel loneliness?

But ghosts aren’t real 


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