LWBR: Long Winded Beer Review
Halfway to Whangarei

tl;dr (skip to the bottom if you want to know if you’ll like the beer, but don’t have time for my shit)
Sunset and a brewski. The dogs have been cooped up for a while, well I locked them up. Found an empty bag of chips under the desk and yes, I did drink a little last night, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t eat them. I can confirm I in fact am the one who let the dogs out. Case closed

Grissette. Pretty uncommon style. But if it’s part Modern Times it can’t be bad. Pours a very light straw yellow, almost too pale, makes me wonder where the meat, I mean malt. Very carbonated, soft, lingering head. The wind wafts notes of lemongrass and wheat as well as it tickles the wind chimes on the deck. A touch of grassy hops, probably aided by the fact of an earlier mowing of the lawn. Contrary to popular belief, I do help around the house.

Why can’t you train dogs to just run around in circles to tire themselves out? Are they too smart to fall for such a scam? Or too dumb to be taught?

Two thoughts immediately on the first sip, why do dogs love eating grass… JK that’s not one but seriously, why do they? Two thoughts: 1) More bitterness than anticipated and 2) I taste Lomaland. The yeast profile is very Modern Times Lomaland and it’s a very yeast driven beer. Very dry, with notes of clove, honey, and faint berries. It has a herbaceous nature from the hops and their bitterness but doesn’t lean citrusy or sappy. The question of where is the malt is raised again. A raw, flaked wheat character but the back has a very abrupt ending. Other than a touch of lingering Brett barnyard. It almost has a corn texture which would explain the color and finish. Having said that, plenty of body to it still.

Clearly now on the evening side of sundown where the auburn twinge has turned to deep hues of blue, clinging before the first moments of twilight. Similar to the last half pour of a 500ml where the twilight is akin to the yeast cake, the fine particulate dotting the beer like stars in the sky before a still holding heady horizon. For a yeast driven beer the cake only seems to accentuate the Brett on the back end which does round out the profile a bit more.

Fireflies are out dotting the landscape. Specks of light acting as hope in a darkening night. If only catching your dreams were as easy as catching a firefly. They’re pretty slow.


People who will like this beer: Easy one here, Cotton: if you like Lomaland this is right up your alley. If you’ve never had Lomaland (buy it) you will like it if you like non German Heffes, Belgian pale Saisons, or if you’re looking for a dry attenuated beers as refreshment on a hot day.

People  who wont like this beer: People who don’t like dry, yeast driven beers. Patersbeirs or traditional Lambics.

I’m going to say something crazy here: If you are a Coors lt or Blue Moon drinker (or know one) and you (they) don’t think you (they) like craft beer, give this a try. I think it will surprise you.


Ps. I looked up Whangarei, it’s a city in New Zealand


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