Via AP

Cirque du Soleil, the Canadian theatrical circus company, is buying Blue Man Productions, the performance art group featuring characters painted in blue.

Financial terms weren’t disclosed. The acquisition fits in with Cirque’s strategy of diversifying its entertainment business beyond circus, the Montreal-based company said.


Disgusting. Can’t believe the Canadian Supreme Court hasn’t stepped in. In America Corporations are people. In Canada not even Blue Men are people. Able to be bought and sold out of the blue. Yo, Canada, listen up here’s a story about 3 guys that live in a blue world. And all day and all night and everything they see is blue, like them inside and outside. Blue their houses with some blue little windows and if they’re lucky a blue corvette. And you’re taking them away from all of that? What about if any of them has a blue girlfriend (or a blue boyfriend, I don’t assume sexuality) at home, waiting for them?

They’re just a couple a blue people on foreign soil trying to learn the lay of the land. Watching, learning, and hoping to one day understand. Not in a million years do I imagine they thought they would get shipped to the arctic tundra and forced to learn society on a stage for people’s amusement. I know the Canadians are blue because of the frigid conditions up north. I didn’t know their hearts were pure ice. Set the Blue Man Group free!

The Naysh


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