Okay, that’s one side of the story. I’m like Fox News, Fair and Balanced. Vegan Owner’s retort?


Okay, so ONE time my kid got loose and showed you his poop chute while you were eating. There are bigger issues in the world. Global warming. Terrorism. The fact you did nothing to stop him, and are probably a negligent person given that fact. I’m willing to overlook it. Let’s not all point fingers here. It’s an isolated instance, oh wait, it’s not an isolated instance?

DEEezGVWsAAJfLW.jpg large

Look, we’re a Vegan cafe, how do you think the plants get fertilized? Kid poop? Yea, that’s what I’m saying. Question my parenting will you? Ever heard of free range parenting. Kids are like chickens, see. Oh yea, you’re Vegan, chickens are a no-no. Well that’s how Will Smith raised his kids and they’re completely normal.


Oh, they’re total weirdos? Well now I’m Mad Online. You’re just a a hater:


Take a hike, hater. Go walking in Memphis. I don’t give two fucks about whether you losers come to my business or not. Everyone knows customers are totally overrated. Go to one of the other Vegan Cafe’s in Memphis. Oh there aren’t any? That’s too bad… Look at this stat line:


Our online presence is good. We’ll be fine. That’ll teach you critique my parenting. Momma Bear OUT!

The Naysh


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