This has been a long time coming Marylanders, and I’m one of you so temper your rising temper, put down that “Boh-tini”, and listen. This is reaction to Thrillist’s list “‘Official’ Beers of Every State.” Now I can pick apart almost every one on the list, and maybe someday I will but

So lets stay local. MD:


Natty Boh is certainly Maryland’s beer. 90% of National Bohemian sales are in Baltimore. Without Baltimore, there is no reason for the swill to exist. But there is this perception that it’s “our” beer, even though it hasn’t been brewed in Maryland since before 2000. That’s right, Y2K happened more recently than Natty Boh being brewed in Maryland. That means you would have to be born in 1979 to have Maryland Boh. You’re pushing 40 now. That’s not crazy long ago, and it’s still hardcore Baltimore, dawg. Well, it actually hasn’t even been brewed in Baltimore since 1978. Maryland Boh was made in Halethorpe. Interestingly enough, the new Guinness brewery will be in Halethorpe, do you consider ‘Nitro IPA’ a Maryland beer? But anyways to get Baltimore Boh, drinking age for beer was 18 then, you had to have been born after 1960, you’d be 57 now. In fact, it wasn’t even American at that time. it merged with Carling in 1975 which is CANADIAN. don’t be fooled by the MD flag trim on the can, you were drinking Molson you phony canucks. That means you would be over 60 years old to have EVER had ‘Baltimore’s Beer’ and you didn’t like it because the merger happened because they were BANKRUPT. So if you’re under 60, get off your misplaced ‘Maryland Pride’. If you’re over 60 why on earth are you drinking Natty Boh still? It’s own by Pabst now. You can put old bay and crab on it, but you’re drinking PBR. and you know what that means:

Oh boy what a beer? More like oh boy what a marketing scam. The Baltimore Colts existed more recently than Maryland Boh. In fact you can argue the Baltimore Colts existed longer than Baltimore Boh, as it was dubbed Baltimore’s beer in the late 60’s. And yet you HATE the Colts. You’re getting taken advantage of like the Utz Girl is by Mr. Boh in this photo secured by the Russians:


People know UTZ is a Pennsylvania Company right, also never been a Maryland brand. Oh they didn’t? Drinking too much Boh…

The Naysh


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