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Hobby Lobby has agreed pay a $3 million fine and forfeit thousands of smuggled ancient Iraqi artifacts to settle a lawsuit brought by the Department of Justice.

The settlement, which the DOJ announced Wednesday, is the culmination of a years-long federal investigation into the arts and crafts chain’s efforts to grow its private collection of historically significant cultural items. 

U.S. Customs and Border Protection intercepted several of the packages and found the shipping labels misleadingly described the contents as ceramic or clay tiles and falsely declared the artifacts’ countries of origin as Turkey and Israel, according to the DOJ.

In reality, the shipments contained thousands of cuneiform tablets, or ancient clay slabs used for writing, and clay bullae, or ancient seals, that originated from what is now modern-day Iraq. 

The smuggled items were likely destined for the Museum of the Bible, which the Christian family that owns Hobby Lobby is funding and hopes to open in November.

Fake News.

Thou shalt not steal. It’s one of the commandments. Don’t tell me a highly religious organization would break one of the sacred rules of Christianity. It would be like a priest diddling a kid. Or a Chick-fil-a worker coveting all the wives that order some waffle fries…

…in that case got to be 100% true

Flashback to the Hobby Lobby board room:

Spielberg confirmed that the last scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark was actually the Hobby Lobby warehouse. You reap what you sow, Hobby Lobby. Remember that time the Supreme Court allowed you not to pay for your employees contraceptives under the Affordable Care Act due to your religious views? Well, the law giveth and the law taketh away. And shout out to Hobby Lobby basically using the “It’s my first day” excuse. Oh it’s your first time smuggling ancient Iraqi artifacts now is it? On the plus side:

The Naysh




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