While angry old Joe Budden absolutely seems like the curmudgeon yelling from the porch for the kids to get off his lawn, I’ll have to admit I had trouble understanding what he was saying too. I fucks with Migos though, not so much Bad and Boujee I think that song is HIGHLY Overrated, sorry Donald Glover:

Black Twitter seems to be overwhelmingly sided with Migos, probably because any real Budden fans don’t know how to use Twitter or frankly care for that matter. I will wholeheartedly acknowledge what he did seems incredibly disrespectful, but we all know when two of the three guys are wearing floral blouses he can get away with it. They aren’t gonna throw hands, they’re surrounded by security and none of them are about that life. You’re not going to spill blood on that glamorous grey carpet. All a PR stunt. Complex’s Everyday Struggle has become a clipshow for this forced drama. There was Vic Mensa last week:

And every other week it’s Joe and Akademiks visually embodying the pigheadedness of generational gap every thanksgiving, while the ‘host” is the grandmother whining, “why are we fighting? Please stop fighting.” Viral marketing at it’s finest #StayWoke

But seriously, who does an interview dressed like a pirate?

The Naysh


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