There’s been a lot of talk lately about how much money is spent on politics. The recent race for the congressional seat for Georgia’s 6th was the most expensive in American history. But after seeing this, rich people, if you want to take you money out of politics, I’m all for it, as long as you funnel it into your untalented kid’s musical career.

This has got to be the hottest thing out of India since Phal Curry (No relation to Steph). I’m serious, let’s change the music game. Is she going to be next J Biebs, discovered late night belting out garbage on YouTube? Probably not, his luck is one in a billion. But am I more likely to send this to ALL of my friends over the new Bieber “jam”? You bet your ass I am. If you think this is worse than most of the stuff played on pop radio right now, well, then you just don’t know what a sound engineer can do.

Little quantizing, some autotune NOT on T-Pain setting. Tell me it’s no better than a song by Desiigner. You objectively can’t. Let’s make teen YouTube pop great again. The top 1% can at least appease us and feed their kid’s ego at the same time. It will take commitment. Hard work. Every day. But we all know, It’s everyday, bro. And I hate to break it to you fellas because I know you fell in love with the best thing to come out of India since the ruler, but it looks like Dhinchak is already taken:


The Naysh



  1. I find it absolutely mind boggling how many child pop start exist solely because their parents have the money. Many times the production quality is super high value, better than some of the mainstream pop artists. YouTube has definitely changed the game of music and opened it up to anyone with a decent voice and money.

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