Wow. This is an abysmal representation of being homeless. You think you can just strap on a virtual reality headset for 10 minutes and understand what it would be like to be homeless? Where’s the half pint in a paper bag? No Steel Reserve Alloy Series? Not even one man hole cover to sleep on for the entire expo. Shameful. And the Aussies are taking notice:

Setting up some paper tents and suiting them up goggles from James Cameron’s wet dreams isn’t going to give someone the real experience of being homeless.

It’s just absolutely unbeilv… oh wait. What’s that? They raised $5,000,000 to combat homelessness from this event. But Australian dollars right? Yea, shitty Australian Dollars. That’s like just under $4 million US dollars. The people of Australia have every right to be upset. Not a single one of them gets out of prison in the morning for that few Prawns. You expect them to wake up from their Fosters riddled night, sleeping snugly sound next to their kangaroo spouse, and do anything other than bitch needlessly on twitter for a measly $5 Mill? Not a chance. Besides, I’m sure they do plenty for the homeless on the daily to warrant their expertise and extreme criticism on the subject. #Twypocrites


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