Look out President Trump, it seems like your wall has something else to contend with. It appears Mexico has a whole cadre of Genies at their disposal. That many genies? Three wishes a piece? You can definitely get anyone across a wall that would want to.

The absurd thing is that they have seemingly rounded them up into camps, like some sort of genie internment barrios. Forcing them to dress in very stereotypical genie garb. Skinny jeans. Cowboy hats. Pointy boots. It’s disgusting. Forced to dance in choreographed contests for their geniphobic masters. They treat them like none other than common jesters, dance for your master in your goofy outfits. FDR would love it. Infinite cosmic powers, itty, bitty living space.

Horrible. You can’t own someone, not even a genie, it’s 2017 for god’s sake. I imagine as we speak President Trump is mobilizing Seal Team Six to liberate all the genies. Wait till you taste the sweet American freedom, genies, you’ll love it.

It’ll be a whole new world for you. We can have designated genie safe spaces already set up for you. Given your affinity for treasure, we can have everything adorned with sequins. We could have a flag to symbolize all of the diversity, how about a rainbow one? And if you want to get married to other genies that’s totally cool here in America. LGBT: Let Genies Be Themselves.

I figure Trump is already on top of it. I mean he has to have at least one genie by now, how else can you explain Steve Bannon?

The Naysh


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