In case you hadn’t heard, the NHL (National Hockey League) switched uniform providers from Reebok over to Adidas. The reveal was yesterday, Twitter is not happy:

Hockey fans are weird. Take it from me, I am one. I love the smell of freshly Zamboni’d ice in the evening. The culture is so afraid of change that removing a stripe across a sweater (Fact of the Day: Hockey jerseys are called sweaters) and Adidas has somehow ruined their franchise. People weren’t this mad when they ruled the spin-o-rama on the shootout as illegal, and that was an actual rule change.

Don’t worry NHL fans, while your rage will most likely be redirected to the Expansion Draft tonight, its not like much has changed. You can still punch players in the face whenever you see fit. But we all know Americans like to gripe, even if it’s Americans wishing they were Canadians. It just seems like a lot of hoopla over sweaters. People aren’t even this mad about the Bill Cosby mistrial. That seems like a much more egregious misuse of an old trusted sweater.

The Naysh


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