DURHAM, N.C. – A North Carolina man has been arrested after police say he kidnapped a family at gunpoint and forced them to take him shopping.

Durham police say on Tuesday 29-year-old Rollin Anthony Owens Jr. knocked on the door of a house in the West End neighborhood asking for money. A resident gave Rollins money, but police say he then used a gun to force the residents – a man, woman and two children – out of the house and into their vehicle.

Owens allegedly made the driver take him to a convenience store, then a Target where a victim managed to ask an employee for help.


I can see it now:

Kidnapper: Boss, I got the family, what should I do now?

Boss: Is the Target among them?

Kidnapper: uhhhhhhhh, can be

Boss: Good, take them to the Target location. I’ll be waiting

Kidnapper: wait, boss, i’m confus..

Boss: JUST DO IT, ROLLIN! Unless you want a Target on your back

Kidnapper: No Boss, not again, I hated that job stocking shelves. On my way

*Kidnapper takes the whole family to the nearest Target and sits in the Auntie Anne’s in the lobby or whatever “food court” they have.

I’m just thinking about what this guy would have said when he was arrested. “No, Officer. I’m just filming the pilot for my new charitable show. It’s like Extreme Makeover, only I kidnap them and take them on a shopping spree under duress. I’m the gat wielding Ty Pennington. When I forcibly enter the home I yell, ‘Move that butt.’ It’s all very heartwarming at the end, wait ’till you see it after edits.”

That’s the problem with the PC Liberal media these days, they’ve spent how many years capitalizing off of throwing people on an island and saying ‘survive’ but they wont risk sticking their necks out for a gritty makeover show just because it may involve a little kidnapping. Now to get the show green lit he had to go out and film the pilot on his own dime, and soon after he’s hemmed up. The criminal justice system is a viscous cycle in America, always keeping the innovators down.

The Naysh



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