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Gal Gadot initially signed on for three movies, which have already been covered by Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman, and the upcoming Justice League. She revealed in 2014 that she was paid $300,000 per film, a figure that isn’t wholly unusual for superhero blockbusters. Chris Evans earned $300,000 for Captain America, and Deadline reported in 2013 that some of the Avengers earned $200,000 for The Avengers due to their multi-picture contracts. Meanwhile, Robert Downey Jr. leveraged his star power to the tune of $50 million.

and feminists are HEATED


People are all worked up because of the stat from the article that says that Henry Cavill was paid $14 Mill for Man of Steel. Let’s completely disregard that this is absolutely untrue and a bogus stat. Let’s look at the bigger picture. Wonder Woman is currently $438.5 Million Box Office and it’s budget $149 Million. And lets take the $14 Million at face value and say it’s A) True (it isn’t) and B) Your Twitter complaining will get her up to $14 Mill in compensation. That’s still $275.8 MILLION DOLLARS left and rising. Where do you think that goes? Sure, plenty of other people not included in the budget have to be paid, the director, Patty Jenkins, and dreamy deciduous Chris Pine probably get nice bonuses too, but the point is, if you’re worked up about this, then you just want to be worked up. If you’re mad, then you’re mad about, first of all, something that isn’t even true, and even if it was then you’re getting involved in the squabbles of people making far more money than you. If you want to be mad, then be mad that a ticket to see any movie is over $10 fucking dollars, that’s the real travesty.


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