The Reverend posted this Father’s Day selfie over the weekend and at first I thought it would be one of those cute, my grandson is in the background also taking a selfie to put on his Insta, see I’m a hip old person, but no, that’s a mirror. That’s not an Al Sharpton bobble-head, that is Al Sharpton’s body. I can only assume he’s off to sneak into a pickup game at his local High School after class gets out. Look, I’ll never blame a man for trying to recapture his youth, its a tantalizing idea, but has the good ‘ol Reverend actually done it?


He appears to be the black Benjamin Button. Al must be so glad to no longer have hair where hair has no business being. Good for Al. 10 years ago if you had to pick a movie to describe Al Sharpton’s life, I would have to go with The Nutty Professor. Flamboyant, undeniably intelligent,  but also absolutely cuckoo. Also there is a stage from his life where he could play every role:


If it comes out that he’s been working on like a movie that’s just taken 30 years to film so he could play every character I wouldn’t be shocked. Buddy Love might have some really great double entendres given how many girlfriends seem to pop up with Al. But Al in Al, good for Al. Nothing wrong with getting fit to just bang girls half your age even though you’re still married to your second wife. Because age isn’t just a number, it’s also a word.

Ps. If at no point in reading this did you consider this body shaming and have ever accused someone of it, then you are a hypocrite and should never speak on the subject. Because political correctness for you only applies when convenient or when you can act like you’re superior to someone by leveraging it.

The Naysh



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