Take it from someone that gets booed a lot, never take responsibility. Its never your fault. They sabotaged you, no other way that plays out. I mean my man crushed that EDM set. Everyone knows EDM is just the first 5 seconds of hit songs while the DJ yells his own name over them spliced together with a couple of record scratches.

A successful EDM show is marked by whether you can get a group of people that are obnoxiously sweaty to put their hands in the air, simple as that, and you can count the number of hands up in that crowd. It was like 35, all we do is win. The video chanting for some Yellow Claw nonsense is none other than a malicious defaming plot, my guess:

Never let the haters play you. Forget that PC clown that tried to correct you when you tried to pander by shouting, “but, this is Cali!” and dropping the hook from California Love by reminding you that this show is in Nevada. Don’t be so literal, fuccboi. Cali is a state of mind, you clearly just don’t get it. Congrats, you played yourself. Anytime you want back on Team Khaled though, come on in the water’s warm.

The Naysh


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