Wedding bells are ringing through the air. If it’s amateur hour this looks like a promotion for a new Jay Z album, for the trained scoop sniffer you’ll notice one thing:


The hyphen is back! If you weren’t aware, the hyphen disappeared around four years ago and when asked about it, Jay got a little testy. “That was like three years ago, I don’t know how that story resurfaced, but I guess it was a slow news day. The hyphen was really big back in the day. It’s not useful anymore. I had umlauts over one of the letters; I removed that too.” There you have it, after the love triangle of Jay, Hyphen, and Umlaut, after a falling out Jay and the Hyphen have reconnected, and ever progressive Jay is taking the Hyphen’s name! Like a pheonix from that ashes looks like this obsolete twitter account is finally useful again:

Jay and Hyphen do have a collaborative album coming out, but it’s Tidal only release, so basically wait an extra two days to illegally download it if you want to hear it.


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