Back in 2015 this Swinger’s Club proposal was shut down because it was “within 1000 ft of  a church,” so the swinger’s had to get creative because apparently;

As stupid as they appear, they're actually very good at paperwork.

Original story here:


Tennessee, known for two things, religion and partying, is just looking to combine the best of both things, into a “Swinger’s Church.”

Ever gone to church and thought, this is great, but not enough sex? Why is god the only one allowed to bang someone else’s wife?

Ever gone to a Swinger’s Club and thought, this is great, but I don’t feel reverent enough in here?

Which brings us to 2017. Shocker, when the building got up a running an inspection proved even more playground than just swings:

the inspectors and other patrons were permitted to go into a previously restricted area, consisting of a dozen or so rooms, each with a bed or chaise lounge. One of the rooms — labeled “choir” — included furniture with restraints and at least two others had “partial walls” which allowed for spectators to see what was going on inside.

The two codes inspectors reported numerous instances of sexual activity and, in fact, took cell phone photos of at least one couple engaging various activities (these photos were not included with the affidavits).

Horrible management. Have you been to any strip club ever? No cell phones dummy. Some security worker’s heads need to roll.

Age old expression, the more vocal people are against something, the more likely they are to secretly be into it. Quote, “You don’t get rich writing science fiction. If you want to get rich, you start a religion,” L. Ron Hubbard, founder of Scientology. Aka, this place must be raking in the dough. Maybe by 2020 Tennessee will be a swing state.

The Naysh




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