Uncle Snoop? Is that true? Mike you might be on to something, conspiracy theory awayyyyy…

Amelia Earhart; Female pilot noted for having disappeared.

Jimmy Hoffa; Male union advocate noted for having disappeared.

Snoop Dogg on the song Bring it On;

Oh blue eyes
Dogg Sinatra
Make a nigga disappear like Jimmy Hoffa? (Where is he)

Amelia loved dogs, see here’s a picture of her with one:


She was also 16 years older than Jimmy, could Jimmy be the boy in the picture? Snoop currently has 15 studio albums, could his 16th one reveal this cover up? Jimmy disappeared 38 years after Amelia. When Snoop was 38, the year was 2009, and Snoop changed his logo:


Could this change be to denote his innate knowledge that change comes at 38? Also in 2009 he hosted WWE Raw, watch this and tell me he isn’t trying to vent some pent up aggression. Possibly over keeping this secret for so long, especially in a trying 38th year?

At this point I’m fairly certain Amelia Earhart fell in love with a young Jimmy Hoffa but had to go underground because at the time he was too young. They led a life together, and right after Snoop was born they both had to go off the grid. I mean the family resemblance is striking:

snoop par.png

Oh no, nevermind, Mike is just a 5 year old with an imagination.

Yup, this was all a waste of your time

The Naysh


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