A health-conscious mom and daughter say they purchased an expensive vitamin product at a Toronto Shoppers Drug Mart, only to find the bottle filled with dry penne pasta.

Anna Bauer-Ross says she bought the bottle of Greens+ capsules on Tuesday from the Shoppers at Spadina Road and Dupont Street for a total of $50.81.

When her daughter got home and opened the bottle, which was sealed, it was filled with pasta. Via 680 News

For all this Obama/Trump/Universal Health – Care talk it’s good to know that Americans aren’t the only ones getting boned by big pharma. Do they make a pill for that?

Authorities suspect someone is buying the vitamins and then replacing them with pasta and returning them for a refund, a sound scam for sure, but where’s the poetry in it? I like to believe that it’s an Eco-warrior. Someone so green that they bathe in the lake, have a tree family, and poop hemp. And I hope that the Chloro-pill bandit, as I have just dubbed them, is trying to send a clear point that you can get all of your nutrients from all natural foods.

Or it could be a Pastafarian spreading the gospel of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Either one is fine.

Of course you can never completely rule out gross profiteering at the expense of an uninformed consumer. Shoppers is not taking the product off the shelf. Shoppers is also owned by Loblaw Companies Limited so you know they have the best legal representation around:


The Naysh


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