Dallas police said Neave, 36, drove her BMW into a tree near the intersection of Abrams Parkway and La Vista Drive at about 11:30 p.m.

When officers arrived, they said Neave was unsteady, had blood shot eyes and that her breath smelled of alcohol. Via NBCDFW

In an Alanis Morissette-ian Irony (meaning not actually ironic but humorous in a parallel sense), Dallas had just passed a no texting a driving law of which Neave was a big proponent.


What are you, drunk? well……….. Now detractors of such a law would take this opportunistic twist of fate and find it very humorous. Libertarians would probably lap at this as undeniable proof laws are pointless and rally behind it as a cause for anarchy, as well as absolutely demonize Neave. To this I quote another flawless and widely beloved politician when I say…

Neave is a model to her constituents. Now obviously I would never advocate drinking a driving. I don’t even let people have bottled water in my car. But people, I’m not the one you’re trusting to make the laws. Would you want someone who’s never done something to make binding legal judgements on it? I now trust Victoria Neave to make the distinctions between drinking vs texting and driving, and she says you shouldn’t do either while driving, and I’m smart enough to know when to defer to the experts. Neave is the hero Texans deserve. She’s willing to put her money (and bottles of liquor apparently) where her mouth is. Enough of these politicians who aren’t willing to have a DUI on their record in order to make the decision that is best for the American people. I applaud you Representative Neave, now on to the tough issues. We need you to either fall in love with a woman, or find yourself some reefer to blaze. Help us Representative Neave, you’re our only hope.

The Naysh


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