Look, the NBA Finals are all but over (truthfully I don’t feel comfortable making that call until we see the outcome of Game 3), but Chuck basically said it is, and Sir Charles is a National Treasure.

(shameless plug for hockey)

But yes, the Golden State Warriors, seemingly devoid of a challenge need competitors to step up. WOOOOOO! Ric Flair to the Cavs rescue! The Nature Boy, apparently a big Cavs guy, the man bleeds red.


Even a casual wrestling fan knows that Naich knows how to put on a show, and if he’s planning to upstage Rihanna’s Game 1 performance tomorrow, I’m ALL in. Needed a draw, the games have been pretty lackluster, don’t get me wrong, I was always going to watch, but we need story lines. Warrior’s fans obviously feel the same way since without an outlet for their competitive juices they’ve taken to just wailing on each other. (right side)

At the end of the day you did this to yourself Lebron, victim of your own success. You were the Chosen One, you were supposed to bring balance to the NBA, not leave it in darkness.


Look familiar?


The Naysh




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