Coming off of a post Game 2 guarantee from PK Subban the series start in Nashville on Saturday was absolutely ELECTRIC! Now I know Hockey in the US isn’t the most popular sport via Wikipedia

US Sportd.png

But if you’re looking for a representation of how great hockey can be, and you want to join the good guys, check out Game 4 tonight. Why? Well I’m glad you asked. Let’s go to the tape (sound on):

That is every single Nashville fan in Bridgestone Arena’s 17,113 capacity taunting the Pittsburgh Goalie. How does that not wreck your psyche? Well it didn’t help, Murray let in 3 more goals for 5, the most of his playoff career. Still don’t get it, neither did ShPittsburg’s Evgeni Malkin

PK Subban, the most electric person on and off the ice in the NHL, also has a fun little thing going on with Crosby right now;

Crosby has since denied the remark, because he’s no fun, and clearly can’t take a joke, but should provide some entertainment tonight. There’s also the whole Catfish thing, which I’ll just link to. This time of year is the dearth of the sports world, unless you love meaningless baseball, or the WNBA. The NBA Finals haven’t been much of a competition so far, so if you’re bored and would like to indulge in some classic athletic competition, we’d welcome you with open arms. That or a stiff check

Please God, anyone but Pittsburgh. Full highlights for the hardos courtesy NHL


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