Via Reddit

Oh. My. God. Cringe worthy. If you somehow made it though that video I can embed a video of nails on a chalkboard for you. Life after school can be tough. I well know. You have life regimented, tasks laid out, timelines, objectives, etc for 12-18 years and now you’re forced to figure it out. The obvious solution “workplaces” have found is; make it exactly like school.

I always wondered what Sorority sisters and their one gay friend did for careers, since all college did for them was buy them friends with daddy’s money and change the meaning of the word Slut to a colloquial greeting.

That’s just not socially acceptable. Just watching that video put a pit in my stomach that hearkened back to presentation day the teacher said, “we have time for one more” and your name was called.

Not one person in that room thought that was a good idea except for the person who thought of it. Hey Boss here’s one for free, want to team build? Give us the company card and a budget and let us grab drinks for happy hour. That way as soon as Steve spends his stipend on food, we can all get a round of Jameson and ask the bartender to ring it in as a proportionate amount of Colas, plus it supports local businesses. That way Janice from accounting can get her buzz on a drop a racial slur, and we can get away with throwing an extra round on the tab, because she has to approve the expense now. That’s how you build a team. #StayWoke


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