Photo Credit to Mite-o-Dan


This image was posted on Reddit earlier today and it only makes me think I have nothing to look forward to in my future. Four dudes who have clearly given up on life. How many of those articles of clothing are Under Armor yet not one of those guys has done anything athletic in years? This the American Dream; go to school for 12 years, pick a college, determine a major you don’t really care about, get a job that has nothing to do with that major because a degree now is merely proof that you can follow direction enough for an extended amount of time not actually a qualification for a job, marry the first girl that tells you she loves you, and slowly deteriorate physically until your wife, that you now realizes actually hates you, takes this picture confirming her passive aggressive regret to marrying you. It’s only a matter of time before all men become Telechubbies. Take your pick Tinky-Drinky, Dipshit, Daa-Daa, or Bro. One of these days…

Your choice, shackles of marriage and eventual self-loathing or soul crushing loneliness forever. Well, I’m off to go cut myself…


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