Let’s see how this plays…


I’m into this Lion. This Lion has a story. This Lion is a high school aged lion packed full of teen lion angst. This Lion hasn’t gotten a hair cut in 8 months, because, “what’s the point?” This Lion is the lead singer of a band because he has stuff to say about feelings, but also since it’s high school you have to choose band mates from your friends so he told his best friend to learn the guitar and so he only knows 6 chords. This Lion has a song where he asks Lion Delilah what it’s like in Lion New York City. This Lion wears flannel. This Lion drinks his coffee black and says he drinks it that way because it mirrors his soul, even though he actually hates coffee, but he’ll also tell you that he hates the coffee because that’s how he can ensure he still knows how to feel things. This Lion slams a door daily and yells, “You just don’t understand me, (insert name here)!” This Lion has a case of the Mondays, everyday. This Lion wants to ask Lion Hotness McGee to the Lion Prom but, “She would never fall for a Lion like me.” This Lion puffs Cowboy Killers under the stairwell in school. This Lion smokes in the bathroom when he gets caught under the stairwell. This Lion keeps a white lighter on him just so he can look at it longingly and interrupt all the people talking around him by muttering that he wont live past 27 under his breath. This Lion rolls his eyes a lot. This Lion refuses to wear a backpack, he needs something like a satchel. This Lion doodles in class. This Lion, when asked how he is, always says he’s tired, that he was up late, working some stuff out, while he rubs his lion shoulder and looks at the ground to his right.

Cheer up, Lion. High School isn’t that bad. Soon you’ll get into a good college regardless of your low grades and lack of extracurriculars because your dad is King of the Jungle, and an Ivy League legacy and then you can act like you know how the world works when you taken half a semester of classes.


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