So this happened the other night, because playing the Toronto Raptors clearly isn’t that stressful for the Cavs. I’m a beer guy, so you knew I’d be all over this. LeBron didn’t drink it, obviously, it’s the middle of the game, but that look on his face speaks volumes to me. He apparently said after the game that if it was a glass of wine he would have taken a sip. I mean that seems like a joke to me, but I could see LeBron as a wine drinker.

But time to do some digging. Upon investigation, the beer was Great Lakes Dortmunder Gold, an Export Lager from the Cleveland Brewery. But that’s when things get interesting;


The tweet has since been deleted because LeBron is PISSED. At first I thought LeBron was being his typical baby self and just being a dick for the sake of being LeBron. Yes, there’s that thing where active athletes can’t endorse alcohol brands but I’m sure LeBron won’t be penalized for that. With the amount of travels he gets away with, fake drinking a beer is just plain funny.

But then I remembered this:

great lakes.png

Instantly on Team LeBron. Great Lakes Brewed that back when LeBron left for Miami. And I KNOW LeBron remembers. Great Lakes, you can’t spin the news both ways to profiteer. Pick one. Have some honor. LeBron, I’m with you, crack yourself a cold one, you deserve it. Wanna Sprite?



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