So clearly bad blood here. “I got a [expletive] bat too, I could go up there and, and crush somebody.”

Now the premise for the anger is there. If I had 100 MPH balls being thrown at me intentionally I’d be pretty unhappy as well, but lets not act like you’re about that life. Cute stutter, bro. Remember this is how the dude fights;

Bench clearing brawls? It’s something I never understood, they look impressive, but honestly, look at them, nothing ever REALLY happens. All a bunch of fake hardos saying, “Hold me back!”

It’s a problem with all athletes. Bunch of millionaires in a competitive environment so they get the adrenaline flowing, but in the back of your mind you know all you really have to do is shove a guy and 20 people will have hands on you and him instantly so you don’t have to actually fight ever.

Still talking about, “taking care of it on his own.” Idle threats. Though I do recall him throwing a bat once;

Passive aggressive much? Machado, you’re one hell of a player, you can’t possibly be THAT mad, sit back, play ball, and let the Yankees pay you $400 Million.



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