From The Independent

An 18-year-old student from Mexico has designed a bra that can help in the early detection of breast cancer and has won top prize at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA).

The bra, otherwise known as EVA, was developed with three friends through his company Higia Technologies, and was created primarily for women with genetic predisposition to cancer.

So how does it work?

Equipped with around 200 biosensors, the bra maps the surface of the breast and is able to monitor changes in temperature, shape and weight.

Brilliant. Sheer genius

18 year old kid from Mexico, and Trump wants to build a wall. This kid found a way to detect cancer, win himself 20K, and mess around with boobies for most of his teenage life. A tour de force trifecta of wins. This was me when I was 18;

Every time one of these stories comes out, kid does X,Y,Z incredible I always have to re-evaluate my life.

Nevermind. Oh a 6 year old started a recycling company and raked in like 50K? Some 14 year old screen prints socks and is worth a million dollars now? Fuck me right?

Have you ever met someone in your life and just known whatever they do that they are going to be successful? I’ve met a couple, this kid is just another one of those, and good for him. By 30 he’ll be set for life. Watch out Carlos Slim. Meanwhile I’ll get back to whatever the heck it is that I do…

Ps. Can’t wait until this technology inevitably gets turned into some sort of sex product. Only a matter of time.


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