Now I know very little about soccer, and even I am aware of who Neymar is. He’s pretty damn good, and that’s why this clip is circulating. It’s a slice of life clip that lets people know, “superstars, they’re just like us.”

Here is my problem


This is most likely a promo for something, Gillette I’m guessing because of the branding on the ball. He messed up (MAYBE), it happens, it feels pretty convenient to get the Gillette promo out there, but countable seconds after he fell, he dramatically rolled over like he was hurt.


Flopping is so ingrained in the soccer DNA he can’t help but fake it for the promo.

That is why soccer will NEVER be that big in America. Keep your fake bullshit sport, Rest of the World. If CTE isn’t a legit concern, it isn’t a sport.


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