Deshaun Watson is equipped to kick ass and get drafted, and he did eventually get drafted.

What are those things? Some sort of Sabaton Armor from World of Warcraft? If so they grant +10 to disrespect.

I feel bad for the guy, first he watches Chicago get absolutely WORKED by rookie GM John Lynch (He had to have called in a favor to look good, HAD to have had a fling with Virginia McCaskey) to move up ONE SPOT to draft one year starting QB, lifetime starting bro, Mitch Trubisky

But then you watch KC move up to take the Detroit Tigers’ (yes baseball) prospect Pat Mahomes II. (I actually like the pick if anyone can make Mahomes work its Andy Reid behind Alex Smith).

But even still, your pick Cleveland traded AWAY (honestly that’s good for you), but then you’re picked by the Texans.

Wah, wah, wah

Houston: QB cursed since day 1 with David Carr, no that’s not the good one. They put all their eggs last year into Brock, traded him to put all their eggs in the Romo basket, only to have him RETIRE, and so now you’re their THIRD choice. And they gave up 2 first rounds and a second just for your pick so you’re not getting any new help this year. And just as a reminder, the whole $72 Million Ostweiler deal was made without “Buttchin” Bill O’Brien even meeting him. The franchise sucks.

There’s talent on the roster, so that’s good, but I think you’re boned dude. I had thought falling was the best thing for you, and at least you didn’t go to the Jets, but the odds aren’t exactly in your favor. Best of luck, I’m pulling for you. At least your hard work and National Championship got a slide installed at Clemson

What happened to none of these Quarterbacks being first round talents anyways?….


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