Wait? Le’Veon Bell? Running Back? Pittsburgh Steelers? Yup you’ve read that right. Now, I had heard he was into music and rapping but I didn’t know he had actually dropped an album until I saw he uploaded a music video the other day:

oooooooooookay. Where to start? The phrase, “just like a machine” is used 6 times throughout the song, but the song is called Machine sooo, pass?

After the.. uh.. hook? so second verse he ends FOURTEEN lines with the rhyme “Today” that is….

Eh, that’s one song lets delve into the the catalogue.

Okay. Every single beat is a 1-3 Bass Drum line with a 3-4 note piano staccato arpeggio. Well, there’s something to be said for consistency. And he’s maybe the most consistent back in the league.

I also heard the exact same line about being Steph Curry and he can’t miss in at least 4 tracks.

I did laugh, in the song “Rappin Athlete” (the “hook” repeats “I’m the rapping athlete” over and over, jesus this guy can’t write hooks [but at least its not highly reverbed grunts and yeas]). He has a line, “I’m balling like Johnny Manziel… back when he in college.”

Also, his is rap name is apparently “Juice”, yup, after OJ Simpson. I get the direct comparison but always an interesting move comparing yourself to a STRONGLY suspected murderer.

Now I’m an MSU guy, and I LOVE Bell

Just wanted an excuse to  put that in there. I was at that game. It was awesome.

All in all, Le’Veon Bell one hell of a running back, stick to that and



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