Now I’m not really into the show. I’m white, so I’m not a dancer. Celebs aren’t my thing, especially out of work ones looking to either rekindle or start their flames. But to be completely honest, it is on in the house a lot, so I understand it. It’s a sham, it’s not a competition of dancing, it’s a popularity contest, with some dancing sprinkled in. Now I’m literally working in a medium that relies on user interaction for profitability, so I get the DWTS concept, but we all realize that it completely negates the importance of the actual dancing to the show.

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard my mother complain, he/she shouldn’t have gone home, there were worse dancers. Even just last night when whoever she was got eliminated there were audible boo’s from the crowd. Really? The show is like 25 season in, do we not know how this works yet? If you cared so much you should have voted, you get like 10 votes anyways right? Makes sense….

If you watch the show, you clearly care about celebrity, if you look at the cast at the beginning of the season and you’ve never heard of someone, write them off, they wont win.

But let’s get to the meat and potatoes of my point. Erin Andrews is the WORST! Now I’ve asked myself this a lot recently, who heard Axel Rose sing and thought he NEEDS to lead a band? Who saw Kurt Russel act and said this man is a star?

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen someone so blatantly terrible at their job. She is literally asked to fill time and MAYBE get interesting sound bites. Her job is to let the cast shine. She’s supposed to be the director but she wants to be Ben Affleck, writer, director, and star. And how has that worked for Ben?

She was always an awful reporter, the girl can’t think on her feet:

Her job is to literally, just move one segment to another and not make waves. But I’ve never seen anyone make a moment feel so forced. Remember that time a couple literally proposed on the show and she blatantly rolled her eyes:


She was pissed they had found a way to make the moment not about her. One of the most blatantly self absorbed people I have ever seen. Now, I was worried I was going to have to create the content for this, but no, people like S. Gidlow have already done the lord’s work:

Erin Andrews is the person that went to their high school reunion and walked up to every group of girls and says, “Hey girl, I didn’t know you would be here.” And every girl would whisper under their breath, “Because I didn’t want to see you.” So why does she have a job she is severely deficient at? Oh yea:

Erin Andrews is the girl that drunkenly says lets go to Taco Bell and then when you order something she’ll look sideways at you and say, that’s going straight to your hips.

Anyways, point is, you want some competition? Watch some old Challenge clips, CHOO CHOO!!


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